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Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron PDF free Download,Questions on Dungeons & Dragons answered by game designers

Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron provides ideas and hooks for compelling adventures, as well as an appendix with a list of sources you can use to learn more about the setting. This book gives DnD/5e/Books/D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com Go to file. kwmorris Create D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com Latest commit on Jan 13, History. 1 19/02/ · View flipping ebook version of D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to Eberron published by Void on Interested in flipbooks about D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to Eberron? Download Wayfinders Guide To Eberron Type: PDF Date: July Size: MB Author: Anonymous yCn0cw This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have D&D 5E -Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com WAYFINDER’S GUIDE TO EBERRON WAYFINDER’S GUIDE TO EBERRON Explore the world of Eberron in this th is campaign ... read more

Once those are done — and artificer added — we'll turn on POD. Or will the official Ebberon book have different content? Updates to PDFs are free once you buy them via the DMs Guild, so if you buy today you'll get the updated ones for free. I'm sorry, I'll try to be more clear. I'm a bit confused about this. Is this like a pre-book or is this something else entirely? Jens Kristian N November 25, am UTC. I'm glad to see that the some of the races were updated, but please update the rest of them aswell.. and if you're going to include the artificer - please include all of it.. Is that not the case? Michael S November 22, am UTC. What, the actual, hell! Where are the rest of the artificer subclasses? Thomas W November 22, am UTC. I'm sorry, I think the LEAST you could do would be to give us the full version of the Artificer.

It's not like this is the SRD or something and you only want to give us 10 levels of the character. This is a paid product. We paid money for this to proofread and basically test this out for you. And now that the final version is out, you're telling me "haha screw you, buy it again if you want the artificer. Alex K November 20, pm UTC. Glad I bought this before the changes came into effect. WOTC basically gutted all manner of fascinating aspects of this setting. William T. Wayfinder's Guide is an excellent source of introductory material for players new to the setting. If you're running an Eberron game, and have taken on the responsibility to educate your players about the setting, the scope of this supplement [ Rob K. This was great before Rising from the Last War was released. They updated this book with the absolutely awful rule changes from Rising, most of which I simply cannot stand.

If earlier versions of this file are made available I'll change my revie [ Damian F. Let's be real here; this product was a scam. We were tricked into paying for playtest content, and barely even got what we were promised with it. It took until the release of a separate Eberron product for this book to include the Artificer clas [ Orla n. A really great introduction to Eberron that gives you all you need to get started while also making excited to find more. Kyler W. I love what you've put in. Every bit of it. What are the chances of getting racial feat's for these races?

I loved the idea of it for baseline 5E, and would love to see that in here as well. I feel like there might not be all that many people that feel [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. Teach Your Kids to Game. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Forged in the Dark. Modiphius 2d Old-School Revival OSR. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Gift Certificates. Publisher Resources. Family Gaming. Science Fiction. File Type. Virtual Tabletops. Creation Method. Japanese 日本語. Korean 한국어. Zhongwen 中文. Wizards of the Coast. Pay What You Want. See all titles. Publisher Website. Follow Your Favorites! Sign in to get custom notifications of new products!

The Valenar elves are ruthless warriors who strive to be avatars of ancient heroes. Other elves live among humanity and have adopted its customs. Gnomes are schemers and scholars who maintain order through intrigue and assassination. Goblins once had a mighty empire, and a tradition based on honor and martial discipline. Their civilization was crushed by the daelkyr and their land was stolen by        have good reason to loathe the people of the Five Nations. Orcs are a proud and primal people. While                       from aberrations… while others have fallen prey to the madness of the daelkyr.

The dragons of Argonnessen have no love for lesser creatures. The psychic tyrants of Sarlona maintain strict control over their borders and their people. So, most player characters begin their adventures on the continent of Khorvaire. While humans make up the majority of the population in the civilized nations of Khorvaire, the continent is home a wide range of peoples and cultures. Once largely        Khorvaire is split into many nations—some old, others newborn from the crucible of war. This chapter provides an overview of the nations of Khorvaire, along with a glimpse of common life, magic, religion, and the world— and planes—that lie beyond it. CHAPTER 2 21 NATIONS OF EBERRON This section provides an overview of the nations of Khorvaire. The focus is on what you need to know to create characters and NPCs from these places.

The Five Nations. Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane are collectively referred to as the Five Nations. These nations formed the heart of the Kingdom of Galifar, and while each has a unique cultural identity they are built on this shared foundation. Families are spread across the Five Nations; the rulers of the Five Nations are tied to the Wynarns, the royal bloodline of       has more in common with a Thrane than they do with a Zil gnome or a Lhazaar pirate. Aside from Cyre—which was destroyed in the Last War—the Five Nations remain the largest and most powerful countries in Khorvaire.

These nations abide by a common set of laws and maintain diplomatic relations. The Demon Wastes and Shadow Marches are regions that        declared itself to be a nation but has yet to be recognized by the others. Getting Around. The Five Nations are connected by an excellent system of roads, and travelers can always make their way by horse or coach. Major cities are tied together by the lightning rail of House Orien, which allows you to avoid the perils—and tedium—of the roads. If speed is an issue, you can book passage on a Lyrandar airship. This is the fastest way to travel, but also the most expensive. AUNDAIR nations. Capital: Fairhaven Noted for Arcane magic, cheese, education, fashion, grains, wine Aundair is a realm of grand cities surrounded by fertile farmlands. Its legendary founder was devoted to the acquisition of knowledge and                 study in Khorvaire.

Magic is a part of daily life throughout the Five Nations, but it is especially common in Aundair; the nation produces more magewrights and wandslingers than any other. From the nobles in the towers of Fairhaven to the common folk working the vast vineyards of Bluevine, Aundairians value wit and wisdom. However, the Silver Flame also has a deeply devoted following—some might say overzealous or extreme. Aurala is a just ruler, but she has never abandoned the dream of a Galifar reunited under her rule. While Aundair is a small nation, its arcane superiority allowed it to hold its own during the Last War.

Bear in mind that many of its sages specialize in ritual magic         level wizards. Only remarkable heirs— such as player characters—develop the full powers of a warlock. Most such lines are tied to archfey, but you could explore other paths. Consider the following things. Arcane Talent. Magic Beats Mundane. Why use your hand when you could use  ? Who still uses a bow when you could use a wand? And never miss an opportunity for a clever quip. CHAPTER 2 AUNDAIR 23 BRELAND       ties to the Talenta Plains. Other notable criminal organizations include the monsters of Daask and House Tarkanan, an alliance of assassins and thieves with aberrant dragonmarks.

Capital: Wroat Noted for Industry, manufactured goods, metalwork, processed ore; organized crime, subterfuge In the wake of the Last War, Breland is one of the most powerful nations in Khorvaire. Possessing a large population and abundant resources, Breland leads the Five Nations in industry. The Brelish are known for their pragmatism and independence. They lack the discipline of Karrns or the faith of the Thranes, but they        to problems. The Brelish also have a talent for intrigue and subterfuge. The dark side of all of these things is a strong streak of cynicism,        in Brelish cities and churches. Boranel is a popular leader celebrated for his exploits during the Last War. But his children have yet to prove themselves, and there is a growing movement that advocates abandoning royal rule when Boranel passes.

The City of Towers is almost a nation in its own right and is a hub for commerce and intrigue. Chapter 6 provides more information on Sharn. Due to its proximity to Droaam, its cities include more monsters— ogres, orcs, goblins, and even sahuagin, harpies, and gargoyles—then are seen elsewhere in the Five Nations. The largest refugee camp, New Cyre, has a population of over four thousand and is being converted into a town. Prince Oargev of Cyre considers         the mayor of this town. Slightly Shady. Many Brelish have a loose relationship with the law.

Backgrounds such as         this, regardless of your class. Innovative and Independent. As a cleric you might challenge your church and follow your own divine revelations. As an arcane caster you could search for new techniques or to unravel forgotten secrets. Why spend a fortune on a fancy meal when a simple one will do? Before the war, Cyre was the seat of the kings and queens of Galifar. The wealth of the kingdom          commerce and culture. While Cyrans take pride that they alone were in the right in the Last War, they unquestionably lost more to the war than any other nation. As a Cyran, you stand on the moral         Cyrans like to say that their culture represents          to say, a little bit of everything.

Cyrans value diversity and versatility, both in talents and thought. Many survivors have questioned their faith in the wake of the Mourning, but some believe that this is a divine trial and a time when faith is needed more than ever. Some refugees support Oargev and the dream of a restored Cyre, while others prefer to focus on the future instead of trying to reclaim the past. As a Cyran you should decide whether you hold tight to your national identity, or whether consider yourself to be an adventurer without a nation. The house maintained arcane workshops across Cyre. Who knows what treasures wait in Cannith vaults for those who brave the dangers of the Mournland? Some have made a point of continuing this custom. What Have You Lost? Did you lose wealth or status? Did you have family or loved ones lost lo st in the Mourning?

Did you lose something you could one day recover from the Mournland— arcane research, an heirloom artifact? Consider the impact this has on your background. As a Cyran noble or soldier, your estates have been lost and your army scattered; but you still have the respect of your comrades or peers. What Do You Hold Onto? Do you have a trinket that embodies Cyre for you? Is your wand or weapon an heirloom of your family? As an entertainer or guild artisan, are you preserving a particular Cyran tradition? What Drives You? Are you determined to solve the mystery of the Mourning? Do you want to help other refugees? Or are you only concerned with your personal survival?

Is there something you want to recover from the Mournland, or would you prefer to never set foot in it again? Do you hold a grudge against the nations that fought against Cyre in the war, or are you only concerned with the future? CHAPTER 2 CYRE THE MOURNLAND 25 DARGUUN Capital: Rhukaan Draal Noted for Goblinoid mercenaries Goblins and their kin have always been part of Khorvaire. Their ancient empire spread across the lands now held by the Five Nations, and many human cities are built on goblin foundations. This empire collapsed into savagery, and when humanity arrived, goblins were driven from their ancestral lands or enslaved. Galifar ended the practice of slavery. But goblins have long been a disenfranchised people, living in the shadows of the Five Nations or in wild lands shunned by humans. Late in the war a brilliant hobgoblin named Haruuc recognized that the goblins had become the dominant power in the region.

The Five Nations were unprepared, and Breland quickly negotiated an alliance with Haruuc to secure the border. Cyre fought the goblins until the Day of Mourning, but when the Treaty of Thronehold was forged the majority of delegates chose to recognize the new nation of Darguun to ensure peace. Darguun is a young and volatile nation. House Deneith introduced the Sovereign Host to the region, and some goblins have embraced this faith, especially Dol Dorn, Dol Arrah, and Balinor. As the goblins have little interest in the laws of the Five Nations, Rhukaan Draal is a haven for fugitives and smugglers. Constant Struggle. While you may challenge your peers peers in times of peace, peace, when when blades blades are are drawn you stand by your clan—or those allies you have have bonded bonded with—unti with—untill death.

Muut and Atcha. Your ancestors once forged an empire even greater than Galifar. Perhaps you believe that your people can reclaim this lost glory. The Dhakaani were renowned for their martial skill, but also for their discipline. Muut is expected; if you have no muut, you have no place in battle. THE DEMON WASTES Capital: None Noted for Fiends, pestilence, violence Rivers of lava cut across plains of black sand and volcanic glass. The only vegetation you can see is blood-red moss and a thick layer of slime, and that appears to be moving. This is the Demon Wastes. Tens of thousands         was the seat of power of some of the mightiest       demons.

These foul spirits were bound long ago, but their power still lingers in this place. Vile creatures continue to crawl up from the depths of Khyber. And there are a handful of primordial                 A mountain range known as the Labyrinth separates the Demon Wastes from the Eldeen Reaches. Due to ancient warding magic, any foul thing that wishes to leave must pass through the Labyrinth. The Carrion Tribes are savage barbarians who dwell in the Wastes. These people are mostly humans, but there are corrupted orcs, half-orcs,          other races represented. The Carrion Tribes are savage and cruel, and know almost nothing about the world beyond the Labyrinth. These are similar to the layers of the Abyss in the core cosmology, unearthly realms populated by demons. Have you had a vision from Kalok Shash? Are you pursuing a rogue demon? Have you been given a quest by the leader of your tribe?

Hermit and outlander are logical backgrounds: you know little about the ways of civilization, but you have have insights and the skills skills to survive in the harshest environments. Carrion Tribes. Why have you left the Wastes? Have you turned your back on the vile traditions of your demon-worshipping clan? Either way, you are a stranger in a strange land: a savage used to a constant battle for survival in a world shaped by demons. CHAPTER 2 THE DEMON WASTES 27 DROAAM Capital: The Great Crag Noted for Monstrous mercenaries, byeshk Droaam is a nation of monsters. It is ruled r uled by the Daughters of Sora Kell. Each of these three hags is a legend in her own right, the subjects of tales used to frighten children.

Eleven years ago they laid claim to the lands west of the Graywall Mountains and founded the nation of Droaam. While these barren lands were claimed by Breland, Galifar had never tamed this wild region. It had long been a haven for host of creatures. Gnolls, orcs, and goblins are the most common, but ogres, trolls, harpies, minotaurs,     and many more dwell in this region. In the past these creatures fought one another more often than they raided human settlements. Under the leadership of the Daughters of Sora Kell,         Daughters use an army of ogres and war trolls to maintain order. To date, the other o ther nations of Khorvaire have refused to recognize Droaam, and it was not part of the Treaty of Thronehold.

Droaam works closely with House Tharashk, selling the services of monstrous soldiers and laborers and bysehk ore, a form of metal with magical properties. Beyond that, it is a frontier nation that is still expanding. Many of the monsters that make up Droaam have their own unique subcultures. Most worship the Dark Six, but there are other religious traditions as well. The secondlargest city in Droaam, it is a center for trade, a haven for Brelish criminals, and a place where monsters and humans can meet on largely neutral ground. It is the      with arcane traditions developed over the course of thousands of years. Consider these when making a Droaamite character. Think about the strengths of your people        both physically and culturally.

Are You Proud? Many citizens of Droaam are proud of their nation. Or you might ignore this big picture and be driven solely by your personal desires or the goals of your family or warlord. The creatures of Droaam are very diverse. A Droaamite kobold might be an urchin rogue. A minotaur could be a outlander barbarian with little knowledge of the outside          well versed in history and arcana. THE ELDEEN REACHES Capital: The Greenheart Noted for Agriculture, animal husbandry, druidic magic A stretch of fertile farmlands borders a vast,         tribes of shifters and circles of druids and rangers roam the woods. These are the Eldeen Reaches. Druids and shifters have dwelt in the Towering Woods for thousands of years, but the eastern farmlands of the Reaches were part of Aundair until the Last War.

The lords of Aundair        ignoring banditry and other problems faced by the farmers of the east. The Wardens of the Wood—largest of the druid sects—came to the aid of these farmers. Fifty years ago, the people of eastern Aundair seceded and formed the Eldeen Reaches. The Reaches were recognized as a nation by the Treaty of Thronehold, but many fear Aundair will try to reclaim r eclaim the region. Druidic magic is a central part of life in the Eldeen Reaches. Most of its people seek to live in harmony with the natural world, and communities have a druidic advisor who helps with planning and planting. The Towering Woods are also home to tribes of shifters, who maintain a nomadic existence.

The Wardens of the Wood maintain order and settle disputes, and the Great Druid Oalian—an  greatpine—is the spiritual leader of the Reaches. The region with the strongest ties to the Faerie Court is called The Twilight Demesne. Most of these traditions work with the druidic Circles of Land, Moon and Shepherd; Beast Totem barbarians; clerics with the Nature domain; or rangers with the Hunter or Beast Master archetypes. Other classes or archetypes especially suited to a path are called out below. The Wardens The Wardens of the Wood Wood seek to maintain the balance between nature and civilization, protecting each from the other. The Greensingers see the magic of the fey as a part of nature.

They honor the archfey that           harmony with other fey creatures. Bards and archfey warlocks are often found among the Greensingers, and the Circles of Dreams works well for Greensinger druids. The Gatekeepers protect the natural world from unnatural threats, such as aberrations and        the daelkyr in Khyber. Horizon Walker rangers        The Ashbound are champions of the natural         of them consider arcane and even divine magic to be such a threat. Ashbound sometimes attack the holdings of dragonmarked houses and seek to release bound elementals.

Barbarians are often found among the Ashbound, and Berserker and Storm Herald are logical paths. The Children of Winter believe that death is a natural part of life. This leads them to          the weak and strengthen survivors. Extremists have spread plagues, especially in large cities. Warlocks and Gloom Stalker rangers can be a   CHAPTER 2 THE ELDEEN REACHES 29 KARRNATH Capital: Korth Noted for Ale, dairy, glass, livestock, lumber, paper, textiles; undead, martial discipline The people of Karrnath are stoic and grim.

Karrnath is a nation of storms and long winters, and Karrns are accustomed to enduring hardship without complaint. First and foremost, Karnath is known for its military tradition. Strength, strategy, and discipline are the core values of Karrnath. Nonetheless, Karrns are proud of their martial history, and most are convinced that they would have eventually won the Last War. This caused the king king to embrace the Blood of Vol as the national religion. Monsters and undead sometimes slip out of the Nightwood to threaten the surrounding regions. As you develop a Karrnathi character or NPC, consider the following. Military Service. Karrns have a strong tradition of military service, and soldier or sailor are appropriate backgrounds for any character.

The laws of Karrnath are harsh, and criminals         Martial Adept feat is a way to give a character a strong sense of military experience. Martial Tradition. Karrnathi tradition emphasizes teamwork, focus, and force. Heavy armor and weapons are prefered. Battlemasters and Champions are both sound archetypes for       Evokers or Necromancers. Heavy Armor Master, Sentinel, and Tough are all logical feats for Karrnathi warriors; Polearm Master or Shield Master are also appropriate, depending on personal preference.

The Dead. How do you feel about the undead? Are you a follower of the Blood of Vol who considers the undead und ead to be a practical tool? Do you have a relative or friend currently serving? Or do you despise the Blood of of Vol and the use of necromancy? While they were recognized as an allied nation under the Treaty of Thronehold, the Principalities are a loose alliance. Each island domain has its own traditions, values, and goals— and each has a long list of vendettas and feuds with other princes. Beyond this, anyone who can win the support of enough ships and people can claim a principality; if you want to establish your own tiny kingdom, this is the place to do it. The Lhazaars value their independence. This is a place where anyone can rise to captain a ship or even seize a principality. Leadership is something earned, not given.

There are principalities devoted to the Blood of Vol and a few that favor the Sovereign Host. Beyond this, the Lhazaar show little enthusiasm for religion, though many will curse the Devourer when a storm comes. Many of these are concentrated in the Gray Tide, a domain founded by changelings. However, changelings are found across the Principalities and the Lhazaar are generally used to them. The Wind Whisperers want to obtain airships, by any means necessary. Said to be inescapable, Kundarak houses both infamous criminals and mystical threats. Seafarers and Swashbucklers. Most Lhazaar spend more time at sea than they do on land. Sailor is an appropriate background for any Lhazaar, but you can also ask your DM               people with little concern for the law, so charlatan, criminal, entertainer, and folk hero are all strong backgrounds.

Local Customs. Each principality is unique. Each has its own martial traditions, fashions,         your principality. Your dwarf barbarian could be one of the savage Cloudreavers. Your dashing swashbuckler rogue could be a colorful Wind Whisperer. The Bloodsail elves have a strong        your elf wizard. There are many principalities, and you can always work with your DM to       Big Dreams. Whatever their circumstances, the people of the Principalities are always looking            forgotten treasure hoard? To command your own ship? To take your place as a prince?

Think big, and chase your dreams. Other clans have tried to claim the Noldrun lands, but this has always met with disaster. Capital: Krona Peak Noted for Dwarves, banking, mining precious and nonprecious metals , metalwork Long ago, the Mror Lords were forced to swear fealty to Karrnath and Galifar. In the early days of the Last War, they declared their independence and the sovereignty of the Mror Holds. That declaration was less than a century ago and that makes it fresh in the mind of many dwarves. The Mror are proud of the wealth of their nation and the talents of their smiths, of the skills of their warriors and the strength of their impregnable fortresses.

The Mror star is rising. Over the centuries, they turned their energies to harnessing the astonishing natural resources of their mountain home. The dwarves were reborn as merchant princes. And along the way they made a remarkable discovery: ruins of an ancient dwarven empire. This forgotten realm was destroyed by the daelkyr and its vast halls are held by aberrations and other dark things. Nonetheless, these ruins are another source of pride for the Mror. The Mror Holds are a loose confederation. Twelve noble clans each govern a hold and have a representative on the Iron Council, which        nation.

Each hold includes a number of lesser clans, who owe fealty to the noble line. l ine. The Sovereign Host is the dominant faith of the Mror Holds. Kol Korran is the most beloved of the Sovereigns, but Onatar, Olladra, Boldrei, and Dol Dorn are also revered. Clan Focus. Is your clan known for mercantile power or martial skill? Or are you a simple guild artisan or soldier? Most Mror have embraced modern martial techniques, but there are a few minor clans that still cling to the barbarian traditions of the past. Holding onto the Past. Do you treasure the legends of the ancient dwarf empire?

As a Mror         reclaim the lost techniques of the past. And how do you feel about the Five Nations? Do you still          ancestors, or do you feel pity for this broken kingdom? Pride in Possessions Possessions.. From the wealthiest clan lord to the simplest miner, the Mror take great pride in their possessions. Quality is more important than appearance, and you are also interested in the history of the things you carry;           the battles it has seen and the warriors who have wielded it before you. As this settlement expanded, the settlers discovered massive deposits of Eberron dragonshards. New Galifar is the original colony; it has a feudal structure and holds to the laws of the Five Nations.

To the north, Hope is a collection of small mining towns. In Hope, the law goes only as far as the people peopl e willing to enforce it. And beyond these human regions lie the unexplored lands of the scales. Tharashk is the primary buyer of Eberron dragonshards, and also runs its own largescale mining operations. As a paladin, you could be a         mining village. Your cleric could be the town preacher. As a sorcerer or bard with a criminal background, you could be a dashing wandslinger looking for trouble and gold. The lizardfolk have a primitive culture that blends druidic traditions with the beliefs of the Silver Flame. You may have been sent to study the softskins—to learn about them and potentially serve as an envoy for your people. Alternatively, you could be following a personal vision. The dragonborn live amid the remnants of ancient glory. They have a proud martial tradition, and a number of dragonborn have ventured west in search of worthy challenges.

If you follow this path, you might have served as a mercenary in the Last War. The Shadow Marches are a desolate land of swamps and moors. The homeland of the                 and aberrations in the swamps, and sowed seeds of madness that linger to this day. There are indeed moonlit rituals in the Marches: some to honor the daelkyr, others to maintain the wards that keep them trapped in Khyber. Humans         a war in the distant land of Sarlona. Sarlo na. Over time the two cultures merged, forming the Marches as they exist today.

The Marches had little contact with Galifar or the east until a few hundred years ago, when a House Sivis expedition made two discoveries: the region contained valuable dragonshards, and a number of clans had manifested the Dragonmark of Finding. This led to the foundation of House Tharashk, as these clans joined together to master the economic potential of their mark and leverage their mineral wealth. No one voice speaks for the clans and tribes, and most of the tribes have no interest in dealing with outsiders. House Tharashk is the main point of contact between the Shadow Marches and the outside world. Tharashk aside, it remains a collection of tribes and cultists following their ancient traditions in the shadows of the swamps. The defeated the daelkyr in the past, and they are sworn to protect Eberron from unnatural and extraplanar threats.

Many worship daelkyr or have ties to aberrations. As a Marcher, a critical question is whether you have ties to one of the orc tribes or the integrated clans. The Clans blend the traditions of human and orc, building towns and working with steel. They still rely on skilled hunters, and they have their own unique traditions of art and music. Rangers, rogues, and bards all have a place in the clans, and there are gatekeeper druids among them. Some in the clans worship a limited form of the Sovereign Host focused on Balinor, Boldrei, and Arawai; this is a sound path for a Nature cleric. The Tribes maintain traditions that predate humanity. Tribal Marchers are mostly orcs, but there are a few humans and half-orcs among them. Outlander and hermit are both appropriate backgrounds for a tribal Marcher. THE TALENTA PLAINS homeland. They have no cities, no industrialized magic. But        domesticated the dinosaurs of the plains, and use these creatures as mounts, livestock, and beasts of burden.

There is a sacred bond between a hunter and their mount, and few people are prepared to         clawfoot raptor. Talenta religion is based around reverence for spirits, both departed ancestors and the spirits of the natural world. Each nomadic tribe has a  —a chieftain who guides and protects the tribe—but it is the shamans who consult the spirits and choose the paths of migration. In the past the tribes have stood alone, but        together under Lathon Halpum to defend their land, and it is Halpum who won recognition for the Plains as one of the Thronehold nations. All tribes come to Gatherhold to trade, hold councils, and settle disputes. House Ghallanda maintains Gatherhold, but it is understood that Gatherhold belongs to the people, not the houses.

Also consider the following. Wild Warriors Warriors and Tricksters. You were born in the wild, and your wits and your weapons helped you survive. Talenta warriors are often barbarians or rangers, relying on speed and skill. However, cunning and charisma are equally important, and bards and rogues certainly have a place on the plains. Outlander is a logical lo gical background, but you could easily be a bold folk hero, a dashing entertainer, or a clever charlatan. You could even be an urchin who was stranded in a great city at a young age and adapted to hunting in this stone jungle. Surrounded by Spirits. Do you believe that the spirits guide your actions? Do you show respect to the spirits of a location?

Talentan shamans tend to be Shepherd or Moon druids, often assuming the form of dinosaurs. Hermit and Outlander are sound backgrounds, but you could be an acolyte or a sage who consults with spirits instead of reading books. Warriors and shamans alike often wear masks in order to present a particular face to the spirit world. However, arcane magic is still a part of life in Thrane. The streets are lit with everbright lanterns, and there are magewrights and even wizards, just not as many as in other nations. There is a small fraction of the population who would like to see the traditional monarchy restored to power. Capital: Flamekeep Noted for       crafts, wool, textiles, fruit, livestock The modern Church of the Silver Flame was founded in Thrane, and most of the people of the nation are devout followers of this faith.

During the Last War, the people of Thrane chose to set aside the rule of the monarch and to embrace the leadership of the Church. For the last seventy years Thrane has been a theocracy. The head head of the state is year-old Jaela Daeran, the divine selected Keeper of the Flame; however, Jaela looks to the Council of Cardinals to perform the practical work of running the nation. The primary purpose of the Silver Flame is to defend the innocent from supernatural evil. The faith has always had a militant aspect, with battalions of templars and peasant militias prepared to face undead, lycanthropes, or other monstrous threats. But compassion and charity are core values of the church, and the templars are tasked to defend all innocents. Even during            a Brelish village, Thrane templars would ally with the locals to bring an end to the threat.

With that said, this is the ideal. There are zealous Thranes who believe the Church is destined to reunite Galifar under the Silver Flame, and corrupt priests interested only in power and wealth. Not all priests are divine spellcasters, and the typical templar is a mundane warrior; however, due to the deep faith of its people, Thrane has more clerics, paladins, and divine spellcasters than any other nation in Khorvaire. The Keeper of the Flame dwells in the great Cathedral of the                bind the demon Bel Shalor. The Impact of Faith. Are you a follower of the Silver Flame? Archery is a devotional practice of the Silver Flame, so as a martial Thrane you might focus on archeryrelated combat styles and spells or take the Sharpshooter feat. Any Thrane could take the        to the church, or the soldier background based on service with the templars.

Views 60 Downloads 0 File size 10MB. DOWNLOAD FILE. THE 5E GUIDE TO SEX TABLE OF CONTENTS Part One: Sex Getting Laid Hooking Up The Dirty Deed Pregnancy Terminating Pregn. A setting guide for the Scarred Lands, focusing on the continent of Ghelspad Credits Developers: Scott Holden Authors:. Rapra Practical Guide Series Practical Guide to Polypropylene Devesh Tripathi Practical Guide to Polypropylene By D. Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for Dungeon Masters Guild. All other original material in this work is copyright © by Keith Baker, and published under the Community Content Agreement for Dungeon Masters Guild. I imagined a world of swashbuckling adventure and dark fantasy, a place where magic formed the foundation of civilization. Over the course of the next year I worked with a team of amazing         that core idea, and the end result was the    In the years that followed, a host of authors, designers, and dungeon masters across the world have continued to expand and explore this setting.

It explores the continent of Khorvaire and the great city of Sharn. Bear in mind: this book presents  vision of Eberron. Beyond that: Eberron is  world as much as it is mine. Think of this as something you can build upon, not a codex of absolute law. CHAPTER ONE: WHAT IS EBERRON? Eberron embraces swashbuckling action and pulp adventure and adds a layer of neo-noir intrigue. The Last War turned old allies into bitter enemies and destroyed an entire nation, leaving terrible scars behind. Crime and corruption lurk in the great cities of Khorvaire. Hidden dragons shape        the dreams of the unwary. Human greed and ambition may prove more dangerous than any devil or demon. But through this darkness, there are opportunities for a group of bold adventurers          This chapter explores these core themes           characters you create in Eberron.

and airships to the mighty dragonmarked houses, magic is a part of the world and its stories. Eberron is a world        and villain is easily blurred, and even the champions of the light may have things they regret. Eberron has just emerged from a century-long civil war, and the scars                 shape your story? This mystical cataclysm destroyed an entire nation and created a deadly wasteland in the heart of Khorvaire. The Mourning brought the war to an end, but it is a mystery and a threat that looms large over Eberron.

are hidden in the ruined cities of giants. Dragons and demons scheme in the shadows, unraveling a prophecy that could shape the future. These ancient mysteries can be a source of fantastic adventures and terrible danger. As you go through this chapter, decide which           want to tell. CHAPTER 1 WHAT IS EBERRON? Whether this is truth or mere myth, magic pervades the world. Magic as a Tool. In Eberron, arcane magic is a form of science. The spells and        developed and honed over centuries, and those principles have been incorporated into daily life. Magic is used for entertainment, transportation, communication, warfare, and much more. While magic is widespread, there are limits to is power. You can book passage on an airship or get an illness ill ness cured by lesser restoration, but resurrection, teleportation, and          are rare and remarkable; most common magic is performed by a working class of magewrights, professional spellcasters who master a small handful of rituals or cantrips.

The magical services available in Khorvaire are discussed d iscussed in more detail in chapter 2, along with the availability of magic items. Dragonmarked Dynasties. The magical economy is dominated by a handful of powerful families and the guilds they maintain. These are the dragonmarked houses, barons of industry         These dynastic houses derive their power from their dragonmarks: arcane sigils that are passed down through their bloodlines. A dragonmark grants limited but useful magical abilities, and over the course of centuries the houses have used these powers to establish powerful monopolies. Chapter 3 provides more details about dragonmarks and the dragonmarked houses, along with rules for creating dragonmarked characters. lightning rail uses bound elementals The lightning The to drive a train of carriages along a path of conductor stones. The rail links most major cities and is a simple way to travel long distances.

An elemental airship  airship      elemental, bound into a ring that holds the ship aloft and provides motive force. The airship is a recent innovation that is transforming the business of transportation. Everbright lanterns use           never goes out, but metal shutters allow a lantern to be dimmed or shut down. Speaking stones allow communication between distant communities. A short message can be sent from one stone to another, functionally similar to a telegraph. Warforged are sentient humanoid golems.

Developed during the Last War, warforged were created as weapons. The Treaty of Thronehold forbid the creation of new warforged, while granting freedom to the golems that survived the war. Rules for making warforged characters can be found in chapter 3. PULP ADVENTURE Eberron is a world of swashbuckling adventure        developing an adventure in the world or a player preparing to explore it, here are a few things to consider. Exotic Locations. Lightning rails, airships, and other forms of transportation can facilitate travel to exotic locations. Even if you prefer to stay                   tunnels that lie beneath it. What Are the Stakes? A battle on the deck of an airship     Look for ways to raise the stakes of a scene, so players feel that every decision matters.

It could be about time:              Such things can even be incidental. Eberron is a world in need of heroes. Lingering tensions of war remain. From the fanatics of the Emerald Claw and the mad cults of the                      them. The Silver Flame is a divine force of light, but it can only act through mortal champions. The few powerful benevolent NPCs have limitations: the Keeper of the Flame loses her powers if she leaves her citadel. This is something to consider in developing your character and choosing your background.

If you take the soldier background, you can be more than just a grunt. What did you do during the Last War? What was your greatest triumph or most tragic defeat? Hero Points. The heroes of pulp adventure are often able to overcome seemingly impossible           optional hero points rule from chapter 9 of the      This is optional ; hero points change the balance of the game and give player characters an opportunity to turn certain failure into success. Remarkable Villains. One reason the world needs heroes is because it already has villains. But part of          villains who are closely matched with the heroes—rivals who advance in power as you do. As a DM, you might ask a player:                        Likewise, even when a pulp villain appears to die, they can have their own remarkable escapes from death.

Perhaps Halas had a ring that cast an illusion of his death while actually stabilizing him, or cast   when he leapt from that tower in Sharn. But for some groups, this sort of collaboration can produce a compelling story and a sense of investment in the world. In Elements. Chandelier, Plate Glass Window, Roaring Fireplace, Tray of Drinks, Drunk Patron. If          be Pile of Gold Coins, Scattered Bones, Rotting Tapestry, Moss-Covered Statue. Each turn, a player can work one of these elements into their description of their action.

The primary purpose of this is to give players ideas; interesting details to use while describing their actions. But if a player comes up with a particularly clever way to use an element, ele ment, the DM could grant advantage on a check or attack          cross a room full of enemies and wants to swing          make a simple Dexterity Acrobatics check to avoid opportunity attacks, essentially getting a free Disengage action. Environmental elements are always optional and largely cosmetic.

As a DM, you            element. In developing characters or stories in Eberron, consider the following concepts. Shades of Gray. Good people can do terrible things, while cruel or heartless people may be serving the greater good. There can certainly be times when decisions are straightforward. If the Emerald Claw is about to detonate a necrotic resonator that will kill half of Sharn, they need to be stopped. But a good Eberron story challenges you to think about your actions, and the simplest solution may not be the best one.

Human Motives. One person just wants to get some gold in their pocket. Another wants to impress their paramour. A leader forcing the Five Nations into war is driven both by fear of their neighbors and the sincere belief that Khorvaire would       There are ancient and primordial forces at work in Eberron. But there are also misguided patriots, religious extremists, and dragonmarked houses looking to wring a few more pieces of gold out of Khorvaire. There are spies who will do anything to protect their nations and petty criminals trying to build empires. CHAPTER 1 NEO-NOIR INTRIGUE 9   1d10  10 1 While you were serving in the Last War, you were forced to abandon an injured comrade.

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Download Wayfinders Guide To Eberron Type: PDF Date: July Size: MB Author: Anonymous yCn0cw This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have D&D 5E -Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com WAYFINDER’S GUIDE TO EBERRON WAYFINDER’S GUIDE TO EBERRON Explore the world of Eberron in this th is campaign Check Wayfinders Guide to Eberron from Guset User here. Like Wayfinders Guide to Eberron? Just add Wayfinders Guide to Eberron of Guset User to My Favorites. Embed Wayfinders DnD/5e/Books/D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com Go to file. kwmorris Create D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to blogger.com Latest commit on Jan 13, History. 1 19/02/ · View flipping ebook version of D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to Eberron published by Void on Interested in flipbooks about D&D 5E - Wayfinders Guide to Eberron? Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron provides ideas and hooks for compelling adventures, as well as an appendix with a list of sources you can use to learn more about the setting. This book gives ... read more

A dragonmark grants limited but useful magical abilities, and over the course of centuries the houses have used these powers to establish powerful monopolies. If          be Pile of Gold Coins, Scattered Bones, Rotting Tapestry, Moss-Covered Statue. Those who        territory, those living on the borders who were          who were able to escape the interior through magical means. If a player wants to use a spell from     , they have to  it. These planes play an important role in the        in and out of alignment with Eberron. Cyre is a vast, unrecoverable wasteland and those Cyrans who survived the disaster are scattered across Khorvaire. Moiré patterns may develop in photos.

A Phiarlan bard entertains the crowd with song and a dazzling display of illusions. Or are you more interested in building a homeland for your own people? An outlander scout? But much of the time, mundane skill and magic are combined together. Before the Last War, Galifar laid claim to all of Khorvaire.